I'm an odd job man in the music industry. I've done everything from sound design in 8 Channel, over dubbing, recording, composing, orchestrating... you name it I've probably done something around it, but I mainly compose music for film and media. 


Music to me has always been a way of expressing what words cannot

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I'm a classically trained composer with a 1st Class degree in Music. My work has notably been used in the broadcast of Barcolana51 on BT Sport, and performed in a workshop by the Wind Quintet ensemble from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales (2019). I specialise in music for both Film and Media and has been credited in many such professional and student productions from Middlesex to North Wales. I am well studied in a wide variety of compositional styles, from Electrical Acoustic to classical orchestration which brings a unique quality and flare to my music.

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Samuel P. Davies


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