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Acousmatic Music

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The idea behind this piece was Resonance, that a single sound can be made up of many different sounds, but at the same time all originate from the same object. One of the main ways I do this is through freezing a single sound after it has been played and then changing the resonating frequencies. 

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For Piano & Performer 

The focus of this piece is to blur the line between synthetic and organic sound objects. Throughout the piece ‘the performer’ is heard moving around, initiating different sound objects, some processed, some untouched. A range of textures and tones are explored, but at the same time organic interaction is very prevalent. 

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An Open Book

What do you hear? An open book, the characters moving on paper, or the authors thoughts as he creates a world of his own with nothing more than pen and paper? Or an out of tune and gathering dust piano, a thoughtless child thumping on broken strings. What if we could hear a book, or an old piano, would we want to… or would it be too much?

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